Marin Cilic

The Marin Cilic Foundation strongly believes that every child’s potential is infinite! With adequate support, hard work and strong belief, every child can reach his/her fullest potential. Our organization seeks to provide both the space and financial support to children and youth whose circumstances make realizing their dreams seem like a distant reality. Through educational, sport and encouragement programs we aim to foster an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

For any questions you may have write us at:

To support the Foundation and make a donation, please kindly use the following account:
Account name: Predstavnistvo Zaklade Marin Cilic
Bank: Zagrebacka banka
Bank address: Trg bana Josipa Jelacica 10, 10 000 Zagreb, CROATIA
IBAN: HR8023600001102717725

Current project: GRANTS PROJECT

The project aims to support youth and children committed to excellence in sports, music, and the sciences who need additional support to develop their abilities and interests to the highest level possible. The grants are to be used for the exclusive purpose of further developing their potential. The grants will be awarded to the selected candidates based on the specified criteria, which gives preference to candidates with exceptional results coming from socio-economically disadvantaged families. Grants applications are currently being accepted. More information is available on the Croatian version of this website.

Dinner at St. Anthony’s Croatian Church in Los Angeles - March 5 2017

Santa Claus at Ivan Goran Kovačić and Laduč homes in Zagreb - December 24 2016

Launch of Marin Cilic Foundation - June 25 2016